The Art Of Strumming 8th Notes

Keeping a relaxed arm and hand is really important when strumming.  Imagine that your arm has gone to sleep .  Now strum as if the pick is a paintbrush.  So angle the pick towards yourself as you do a downstroke then away from yourself when you do a upstroke.  Don’t get too involved with the strings it should feel easy and effortless.

A 8th note strummming pattern works best on medium/fast paced  songs.



A 8th note strumming patterns means that there will be x2 strums per beat.

The Rhythm can be spilt into 2 parts

1  -  &

this is a way of conuting the individual beats.

1 is the pulse/ beat number

& = the of beat

So in four beats we could use.

1  - &     2  – &    3  – &     4  – &

You could all count it using any two syllable word like

PLEC- TRUM    or      PED – AL

Have fun and enjoy, keep relaxed and try listening to songs to hear if you can work out the strumming pattern