DADGAD is a modal tuning as it has no major or minor interval in the open strings .  It creates an suspended sounding chord when you stum all the open strings  Dsus4

To tune a standard guitar EADGBE to DADGAD

Tune the first, second and sixth strings down a whole step (two frets).

DADGAD was popularised by British folk guitarist Davey Graham in the 60′s.  He was inspired after hearing an oud player in Morocco

Pierre Bensusan a famous guitarist uses it on all his songs.

Click here for a list of DADGAD songs

dadgad guitar information

Amazing Grace Guitar Tab- USe this to come up with your own variation on the theme


Poles_Apart_Pink_Floyd_DADGAD   pdf.  A great song with a lovely picked part at the beginning using DADGAD tuning

As you can see there is loads of great sounds to learn from this tuning so whether you are playing some 60′s folk or progressive rock it can be used on all.