BB King The Thrill Is Gone

The Thrill Is Gone” is a slow minor-key blues song written by West coast blues musician Roy Hawkins and Rick Darnell in 1951. Hawkins’ recording of the song reached number six in the Billboard R&B chart in 1951.   In 1970, “The Thrill Is Gone” became a major hit for B.B. King. Subsequently, many blues and other artists have recorded their interpretations of the song.

The Thrill Is Gone PDF

B.B. King rarely play chords and claims not to know any!  He is know for his immense phrasing and vibrato.  He says its like talking and he certainly makes the guitar do that.   He is best known for playing variants of the Gibson ES-355 called “Lucille”

He uses his signature model strings “Gibson SEG-BBS B.B. King Signature Electric Guitar Strings” with gauges: 10-13-17p-32w-45w-54w and D’Andrea 351 MD SHL CX (Medium .71mm, Tortoise Shell, Celluloid) Picks.

King uses Lab Series L5 2×12″ combo amp and has been using this amp for a long time.