Minor Blues Scale (adding chilli to the humble minor pentatonic)

The minor blues scale is a great way of expanding your playing by adding one extra note to the minor pentatonic scale.  The interval we will add is the b5.  It adds tension and think of it like a smattering of chilli that you are adding to your food.  Don’t hang on the note to long as it will sound too harsh or use it too much.  If you bend into note, slide or use hammer ons and pull offs it will sound great.  Below I have put the note in some patterns across two string patterns.  Have a go at learning the string sets then try and join the patterns as you get more confident.  Remember that the red note is the Root note and if the song is in the key of A then make all the red notes A.  There is the patterns below as well as a bluesy backing track in the key of A to try out.  You can use this scale over a Major Blues, Minor Blues and Minor sounding song.

Enjoy and ‘Be Your Own Guitar Hero’



Respect My Cat Blues In A