Some recent feedback from a student of mine

hi mike
I just thought I will leave you some feedback as you had been teaching
us for some time now.
“You had been very supportive and pitch your teaching to suit me and my son who are very different learners. You are very encouraging and this has  motivated me to continue having lessons as I just only wanted to try initially. You are flexible and tailor your teaching to meet our needs and we ( my son and me) both have benefitted by this. This new experience have transformed me. Thank you.
best wishes


Feedback from students

Any time I get a new student it is a new challenge to find out how they learn and find the most effective teaching way I can help them develop.  Heres some feeback from a previous student of mine.

Having not played a guitar for decades, Mike soon got me back on the road to helping me understanding the nuts and bolts of music.  Also he has a wealth of his own supporting charts, backing tracks and scores which he is happy to share with you, which you can use to work through at home.  He has a relaxed style and his talent is such that he can be very flexible in taking you where you want to go through lessons which I certainly found to be good value and a great help to me.
Best wishes,